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  • Responsive Web Design Certification by freeCodeCamp
    • Basic HTML and HTML5
    • Basic CSS
    • Applied Visual Design
    • Applied Accessibility
    • Responsive Web Design Principles
    • CSS Flexbox
    • CSS Grid
    • Responsive Web Design Projects
  • Intro to JavaScript by Udacity
    • What is JavaScript?
    • Data Types & Variables
    • Conditionals
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Arrays
    • Objects

Completed! ????

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google Digital Garage – 2/26/19

Topics include: Online Business Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Ads, Local Search Optimization, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, Mobile Advertising, Responsive Design, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Leveraging Video, Google Analytics, Data and Insights, E-commerce, International Business

YouTube Channel Growth by Academy for Ads – 2/25/19

Topics include: YouTube Platform, YouTube Categories, Channel Assessments, Channel Revenue, Revenue Landscape, Ad-serving Model, Revenue Assessment

Bing Ads Accredited Professional by Bing Ads Academy – 2/25/19

Topics include: PPC, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Bidding Strategy, Keyword Research, Copywriting, Ad Policies, Syndication, Ad Extensions, Audience Targeting, Dynamic Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, Shopping Campaigns, Ad Automation, Ads Editor, Campaign Optimization, Universal Event Tracking, Quality Score, Ads Intelligence

Inbound Sales by HubSpot Academy – 2/22/19

Topics include: Inbound Sales Strategy, Identify Phase, Active and Passive Buyers, Buyer Context, Outreach Personalization, Trigger Events and Common Connections, Explore Phase, Buyer Qualification, Prospect Goals and Challenges, Sales Presentations

Introduction to HTML by Codecademy – 2/22/19

Topics include: HTML Document Standards, HTML Anatony, HTML Structure, HTML Tables, HTML Forms

Email Marketing by HubSpot Academy – 2/21/19

Topics include: Email Marketing Strategy, Contact Management, Contact Segmentation, Permission, Email Deliverability, High Performing Emails, Email Design, Email Marketing Analysis, A/B Testing, Lead Nurturing, Email Copy

Growth Driven Design by HubSpot Academy – 2/18/19

Topics include: Website Strategy, Goals and Forecasts, Jobs To Be Done Theory, Fundamental Assumptions, The User Journey Map, Tech Stacks, Conducting User Research, Building a Launch Pad Website, Implementing Continuous Improvement, Sprint Cycles, Website Optimization

Dash by General Assembly – 2/18/19

Topics include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design

Learn Color Design by Codecademy – 2/17/2019

Topics include: Color Theory, The Color Wheel, HSLA, Warm Colors, Cool Colors, Tints and Shades, Color Contract, Color Schemes (Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Triadic), Color Psychology, Design Best Practices

Technical SEO by SEMrush Academy – 2/15/19

Topics include: Internal Linking, Crawling and Indexation, XML Sitemaps, HTTP Response Codes, Log Files and Auditing, International SEO, Web Performance, HTTPS, SSL, and HTTP/2, Advanced Site Speed Optimization, Structured Data, AMP

Content Marketing by HubSpot Academy – 2/15/19

Topics include: Content Marketing, Storytelling, Generating Ideas, Long-Term Strategy, Content Creation Frameworks, Effective Writing, Content Repurposing, Content Promotion, Measuring and Analyzing Content, Growth Marketing, Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

Search Engine Optimization by eMarketing Institute – 2/14/19

Topics include: SEO, Search Engines, Search Engine Friendly Site Design and Development, On-site Optimization, Keyword Research, Ranking, Google Algorithm Updates, Link Building, Webmaster Tools

PPC Fundamentals by SEMrush Academy – 2/14/19

Topics include: PPC, PPC Strategy, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Search Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Display Advertising, Universal App Campaigns, Bidding and Budgeting, Multi Touch Conversions

SEO Fundamentals by SEMrush Academy – 2/14/19

Topics include: Search Engines, Technical SEO, Link Signals (Off-site Optimization), On-page Signals (On-site Optimization), Mobile SEO, International SEO, Local SEO

Inbound by HubSpot Academy – 2/14/19

Topics include: The Inbound Methodology, The Flywheel Model, Inbound Principles, Company Purpose, Business Goals, Objectives and Key Results, Buyer Personas, The Buyer’s Journey, The Jobs Theory

Asynchronous JavaScript by Codecademy – 2/1/2019

Topics covered: Async Await, Promise, Constructing a Promise Object, The Node setTimeout() Function, Consuming Promises, The onFulfilled and onRejected Functions, catch(), Chaining Multiple Promises, Promise.all()

Introduction to SQL by Codecademy – 1/20/19

Topics covered: Relational Databases, Statements, Manipulation, Queries, Aggregate Functions, Combining Multiple Tables

Introduction to jQuery by Codecademy – 9/27/18

Topics covered: Effects, Event Handlers, Style Methods, The DOM Tree

Introduction to CSS by Codecademy – 9/17/18

Topics covered: Selectors and Visual Rules, The Box Model, Display and Positioning, Colors, Typography, Grid

Introduction to JavaScript by Codecademy – 9/4/18

Topics covered: Conditionals, Functions, Scope, Arrays, Loops, Objects, Classes, Browser Compatability, Transpilation, Modules, Promises, Async-Await, Requests

Make a Website by Codecademy – 4/23/18

Topics covered: Headings and Paragraphs, Anchor Elements, Images and Videos, Lists, Divs, Stylesheets, Font Family, id Selectors, Padding and Margin, Float, Flex, Bootstrap

Deploy a Website by Codecademy – 4/19/18

Topics covered: Static Websites, Jekyll, GitHub, Creating a Repo, Initializing a Repo, Adding a Remote, Committing, Deploying, AWS, Custom Domains, DNS Records

Gimmie Growth by Dominic Coryell – 3/21/18

Topics covered: Growth Mindset, Analytics, Traction, Bullseye Framework, Email Marketing, List Building, Lead Magnets, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Adwords, B2B SaaS, Conversion Rate Optimization, Team Building

Music Marketing Academy by Heroic Academy – 5/15/17

Topics covered: Branding, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Email Marketing, Fan Data, Shortlinks, Music Distribution, Release Strategies, PR Strategies, Networking, Team Building, The Music Industry

Traction by Justin Mares & Gabriel Weinberg – 1/19/17

Topics covered: Traction Theory, The Bullseye Framework, Traction Channels (Viral Marketing, PR, Unconventional PR, SEM, Social and Display Ads, Offline Ads, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Engineering as Marketing, Targeting Blogs, Sales, Affiliate Programs, Existing Platforms, Trade Shows, Offline Events, Speaking Engagements, Community Building)